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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join ETS?
Being involved with ETS will help strengthen your academic skills, help identify and stay focused on your goals, assist with your personal goals and increase and improve your options after high school.

Can anyone join ETS?
Any student attending one of five service schools who is a us citizen or permanent resident and who is a first generation college student or low income student who has the desire to go to college can apply to ETS.

What does first generation college student mean?
First generation college student means that the parent of the student with whom the student lives with does not hold a 4 year college degree.

Who qualifies as low income?
A low income student is determined based on the parent’s TAXABLE INCOME not the GROSS INCOME (this is often confused and students/ parents often think they don’t qualify when in fact they do) and the family size or # of dependents (this includes parents and children).

Do I have to be both low income and first generation to apply?
No, a student can qualify for ETS by being one of the two or both. If you are unsure if you qualify please call or stop by our office and we can help.

How will ETS help me with college?
ETS will help you from the beginning stages of planning for college, including SAT prep, filling out college applications, applying for financial aid to the end when it’s time to decide your dorm room.

How long do I have to stay involved with ETS?

We would like to see all ETS participants stay and participate with the program until graduation.


Please Download an Application from the PDF link below to apply

Interested students must turn in a complete application packet packet in order to be considered. You are responsible for making sure that we receive all parts of the application. We will not review your application until we received a complete application packet.

A complete package is: ETS application, a copy parent's or guardian's taxes or income statement and a copy of social security card. We can also make copies of these documents in the office.