ASG Committees


Committee on Policies, Procedures and Executive Review

This ASG committee reviews the ASG constitution, bylaws, and policies and recommends changes when deemed necessary. It also monitors and enforces duties and responsibilities of the ASG members.

Meetings: As needed.

Chair: Vice President - Joseph Hilliard

Members: Senator - Dane Thorp

Senator - Reza Nemovi

Senator - Jennifer Gonzalez

Committee on Legislation and External Affairs

This ASG committee initiates and maintains relations with local legislators, analyzes and disseminates information on legislation to the Palomar College student body and also collects and considers the input of the Palomar College student body on legislative issues.

Meetings: As needed.

Chair: Senator - Reza Nemovi

Members: Senator - Jennifer Gonzalez

Senator - Rachel Keeney

Committee on Public Relations

This ASG committee is in charge of all necessary publicity and promotions that the ASG requires. From promoting events to working with inside and outside journalistic contacts, this committee works as the median between the public and the ASG itself.

Meetings: As needed.

Chair: Senator - Rachel Keeney

Members: Senator - Dane Thorp

Senator - Jennifer Gonzalez

Senator - Jeff Lane

Senator - Reza Nemovi

Senator - Shovan Vatandoust

A.S.G Secretary Selection Committee

This ASG committee interviews prospective candidates for a position as an ASG Secretary.

Meetings: As needed.

Chair: President - Johnathan Farmer

Members: Vice President - Joseph Hilliard

Senator - Dane Thorp

  A.S.G Election Committee

This A.S.G. committee organizes and plans the A.S.G. elections.

Meetings: As needed.

Chair: Senator - Dane Thorp

Members: Senator - Jeff Lane

Senator - Philip Ramos