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ASACC: Washington, D.C. National Student Advocacy Conference

Annual conference held in Washington DC: March 14-17, 2015

Each spring your student leaders at Palomar have the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. to represent you and advocate for student issues in Congressional offices. There are 12 million community college students in the nation, many who depend on assistance in obtaining workforce training. As elected officers of the student body, student leaders have a responsibility to represent their constituents on issues of concern. Issues such as Pell Grants, Student Loan Interest Rates and availability, veteran issues and other programs that assist in securing education and training are addressed. While attending and participating in the conference student leaders are given time to meet with their Representatives and Senators or their staff members regarding these important issues and other campus issues that have been coordinated with campus administration. The conference serves as a very strong educational experience which teaches the values espoused by ASACC:  LEADERSHIPCITIZENSHIP, and ADVOCACY!

National Student Advocacy Conference March 14-17, 2015



CCCSAA: California Community College Student Affairs Association Conference

Fall 2014 conference held in Los Angeles , CA: October 17-19, 2014

Fall 2015 conference held in San Jose, CA: October 23-25, 2015

At the CCCSAA conference student leaders from up to 112 community colleges across California (including Palomar) to join together to undergo a series of workshops that teach and improve communication, advocacy, public relations, legislative analysis and other critical leadership skills for them to use on their respective campuses. It assists student leaders in their duties to serve community college students and prepares them for future travel & advocacy as representatives for you.


 SSCCC General Assembly: Student Senate for Community College

Fall Conference held in Los Angeles CA:  November 14-16
Spring conference held in Ontario CA: May 1-3, 2015

The Student Senate for California Community Colleges hosts two general assemblies each year. These general assemblies are an invitation to all California Community College student governments to represent their students in driving the state-wide student organization as a whole. The general assemblies also provide a critically important forum for discussion and debate on state-wide issues, multi-district challenges, and for sharing ideas for how to make the community college system a better place. Traditionally representatives from CC Colleges gather for a meeting governed by parliamentary procedure wherein they vote on student-authored resolutions. The resolutions that pass are given to the chancellor’s office as recommendations from the SSCCC.

If you would like to view the most recent resolutions click here or visit the link at the top of the page that says “SSCCC: General Assembly Resolution Results 2013″


CCLC (Community College League of California) Legislative Conference
Sheraton Grand in Sacramento, CA: January 25-26, 2015

This conference is attended by Palomar’s Governing Board Student Trustee (the ASG President). The League’s Annual Legislative Conference provides a unique opportunity for Student Trustees, elected Trustees, Deans, Superintendents and Faculty Senate Presidents to meet with legislators in Sacramento and to connect with other advocates and learn the latest news on higher education in California. Attendees will also learn about new members of legislative committees, legislative proposals affecting colleges and student learning, and advocacy strategies for the current legislative year. Join your community college colleagues in the launch of this exciting legislative year as we advocate for community colleges.

(Advocacy talking points for the Spring trip will be listed here shortly.)




March in March: Classroom to Capitol
March held in Sacramento, CA: March 3, 2015

The March in March is an advocacy event traditionally organized by the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC). The event is organized in order to support CA Community College student leaders by engaging in legislative visits at the Capitol (Sacramento) to advocate for/against bills that may affect C.C. students statewide. The event also seeks to teach/empower student leadership skills that will help them throughout their life by bringing in guest organizations and speakers to make the event a truly immersive experience for all involved.

March in March

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