2014-2015 ASG Goals

Goal #1: Increase the presence of the Associated Student Government on campus and ensure that every Palomar College student and district member has access to our organization.

Related Tasks:

  1. Continue to recruit until all available ASG positions are filled.
  2. Attend and support Palomar events, especially those that are sponsored by the ICC, the OSA, sanctioned Palomar Clubs, and organizations that support student success (EOPS, Transfer Center, Health Center, etc.).
  3. Increase our digital media footprint through our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  4. Plan and execute community service projects within the district.
  5. Draft a sustainable marketing plan.


Goal #2: Ensure that the Palomar ASG is following recognized best practices in regard to our organizational policies and procedures.

Related Tasks:

  1. Thoroughly review our Constitution, bylaws, and policies to ensure they are complete and current, amend where necessary.
  2. Investigate other Districts’ policies regarding distance education participation and representation.
  3. Develop a plan to increase representation from the Palomar district’s education centers in Escondido and Rancho Bernardo (opening in the fall of 2017).


Goal #3: Actively participate in Palomar College’s shared governance structure to voice the will of the student body.

Related Tasks:

  1. Communicate with the student body to determine key social and legislative issues.
  2. Attend, participate and report on ASG shared governance responsibilities including committees and councils.


Goal #4: Be advocates in local, state and national legislative issues pertaining to community colleges.

Related Tasks:

  1. Support the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) through Region X meeting attendance and participation.
  2. Attend leadership and advocacy events/conferences.
  3. Be consistent advocates for student success.


Goal #5: Implement programs to increase student morale and pride in attending Palomar College.

Related Tasks:

  1. Continue to work to ensure access to free, clean drinking water for Palomar students, faculty, and staff.
  2.  Work with Facilities, Veterans Services and the Governing Board to improve or replace the current Veterans Memorial.
  3. Work within the shared governance structure to increase student access to charging stations for electronics.
  4. Increase promotion of, and support for, competitive inter-collegiate activities including athletic and academic endeavors.
  5. Increase awareness of, involvement in, and creation of clubs on campus.


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