2015-2016 ASG Goals

Main Goal of 2015-2016: Increase the presence of the A.S.G. and access to our organization

Communication, Accessibility, Visibility


Increase Overall Presence 

  • Via MD, H, NS Buildings
    • Banners, Standing Signs, Events in area, etc.
  • Athletics/Art
    • Art Showcases
  • Office Hours
    • Run events out of offices
  • Ingratiate with clubs/organizations
  • Snack/Supply Handouts via cart
    • Monthly (coordinated by CWA)
  • Spread influence to other campuses

Social Media

  • Twitter
    • Actively use new twitter account to promote ASG events and campus programs
    • Also to be
    • Measure of Success: 400 followers on new twitter account by end of spring semester
  • Facebook
    • Use Facebook to promote ASG events and campus programs
    • Goal: 500 followers
  • ASG Website
    • Continuously update ASG website
    • Goal: Up-to-date on available minutes and agendas for ASG and ICC
  • Remind App
    • Use Remind to advertise events around campus
    • Goal: 100 participants on ‘Palomar Student Event Notification’ by end of spring semester

Governance Participation with Students

  • Analyze current situation and consider which changes could benefit/encourage student-government participation
    • Goal: Hold Forum in order to gain input on how ASG could improve (CWA Chair & President)
  • Increase Transparency of ASG as a whole
    • Goal: Ensure ASG materials (Minutes, Agendas, Budgets) are ready on request
  • Organize “Meet Up” Events to increase exposure of ASG (face to face time)
    • Goal: Hold at least 3 of these events in high traffic areas on San Marcos campus


  • Revise Bylaws
    • Goal:
  • Become familiar with meeting procedures
    • Evaluation of Board
    • Goal: Gather input on how board meetings can improve. Have system in place to evaluate efficiency of ASG board meetings

Be advocates in local, state, and national legislative issues pertaining to community colleges.

  • Continue to attend all committee meetings as well as advocacy events such as Fall and Spring General assembly
  • Encourage voter registration
    • Goal: 100 voters registered by end of spring semester
    • Goal: Create lasting data collection and storage
  • Make students aware that they have a venue to voice their stance in school politics

Implement programs to increase morale and pride

  • Increase number of bottle filling stations, charging stations
  • Promote student subjects/academics
    • Goal: Hold event(s) to bridge gap between students and faculty
    • Goal: Support events that promote areas of study
  • Have sporting events
    • Mixed student athlete teams—softball, dodge ball, etc.
    • Goal: Palomar ASG sponsored sports themed event
  • Publicize events and achievements
    • Goal: Broadcast achievements through school radio and social media

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