2016-2017 ASG Goals

Main Goal: Promote awareness of ASG; Establish a student-oriented environment that encourages and promotes student involvement alongside the ASG


  • Funding
    1. Convey to students/clubs that funds are available. Encourage students to utilize funds to facilitate main goals to increase student participation.
      1. Goal: Presentations made by ASG to at least 70% of active clubs on the process of monetary requests by the end of the fall semester.
    2. Promote Awareness of Services
      1. Goal: Make summaries of grant funded programs available to students within different areas of the campus by the end of the fall semester.
        • ASG Offices
        • SU Building
        • SEAL Center
        • Other high traffic areas
  • Events
    1. Palomar Beautification
      1. Campus Cleanup
        • Collaborate with OSA on service projects revolving around the beautification of Palomar College throughout the year.
      2. Use national days to collaborate with departments
        1. Host a national dance alongside the Palomar Dance department by the end of the year.
        2. Host a donut day by the end of the fall semester that connects Deans with students.
      3. Town Halls
        1. Present Fall 2016 General Assembly Resolutions to Palomar Students in October 2016
      4. Meet the Senators/Delegates
        1. Hold small events throughout the month increasing exposure of ASG. To be held throughout the year.
      5. Club Star Events
        1. Recognize a Palomar club monthly through social media
      6. Student Appreciation/Encouragement
        1. Recognize a Palomar Student monthly through social media
        2. Establish Humans (Students) of Palomar College
  • Bylaws/Policies
    1. Review/Analyze as needed
      1. Have bylaw revisions go through PPER and ASG Board by the end of the semester.
    2. Keys/Code for Senator Office
      1. In conjunction with bylaw revisions, increase Senator Access to offices by end of semester.
    3. Member Training
      1. Compile guide for incoming ASG members regarding ASG office procedures by the end of the year.
      2. Create orientation/workshop for incoming ASG members regarding overall ASG duties. ‘ASG 101’.
  • Legacy/Tradition
    1. List of Accomplishments
      1. Keep record of ASG achievements
        • Physical and Electronic records complete by end of year.
      2. Media Archive
        1. Maintain pictures and photos of ASG involvement for public viewing.
      3. ‘Time Capsule’
        1. Short videos of sitting ASG members for future administrations.
  • Engagement/Communication
    1. Advertise with Physical Merchandise
      1. Spring Gift
    2. Outreach
      1. Student Surveys
      2. Online Polls for Students
      3. Classroom presentations
  • ASG Online Bio
    1. Have picture and short summary of ASG members
  • PVSA Partnership
    1. Become a certifying organization with PVSA
    2. Possible Service learning partnership


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