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ASG Elections: Students who meet the qualifications will run in the campus-wide election and hold a year-long term. During Elections there are positions open for Delegate, Senator, Vice President & President. If you choose to be a delegate you do not participate in the election process. For details on the time commitments and responsibilities of each positions see the FAQ below.

1) When are the ASG elections?
ASG elections are held every year in the Spring. The candidate packets tend to be released in February-March, the Forums held in April and the voting in April-May.

2) When are your meetings?
Every Wednesday from 1-3pm in SU-204. This meeting is open to the public and students are encouraged to come and observe. To be a member of the ASG you must have this time slot available.

3) How long is a term?
One academic year- two full semesters.

4) What are the requirements?
President, Vice-president & Senator: 2.5 GPA and 7 units
Delegate: 2.0 GPA and 6 units

 5) What are the responsibilities?
To join firstly you must decide which level of responsibility you would like to commit to. We have President, Vice President, Senator and Delegate positions open. I would be happy to send you fliers with details on all positions.

  •  The PRESIDENT does not hold a vote on the ASG board unless it is to break a tie. The president is responsible for chairing and attending each ASG meeting. The President holds the added responsibility of acting as Palomar’s student trustee for the Governing Board, attending their meetings, casting an advisory vote and giving two public reports each month. Your ASG responsibilities would include delegating work, record keeping, attending and chairing each ASG meeting, keeping track of all the ASG projects and tasks, drafting the ASG agenda each week and speaking on behalf of the ASG as a public relations representative. The president spends 8-15 hours a week on ASG related duties and tasks.
  •  The VICE-PRESIDENT holds a vote on the ASG board. In the case that the president can not fulfill his/her duties the Vice-President temporarily fills the role (such as chairing the meeting). In the case that the president is no longer able to serve as president the vice-president would succeed to president for the remainder of the term. The VP is responsible for overseeing all of the senators committee work, participation and attendance, the senators office hours and all the disciplinary responsibilities. The vice-president is also responsible for assisting the president in executive duties and planning. The VP spends a minimum of 8 hours every week on ASG related duties and tasks.
  • A SENATOR holds a vote during the official meetings and must attend each one. Participation in at least one ASG committee and two campus-wide shared governance committees is required. Senators participate in and manage projects, travel to advocate for Palomar students (in Sacramento, DC, Monterey and other places),  talk to students on campus about relevant issues, hold 3 office hours a week and participate in ASG related events, tasks and projects. A senator spends a minimum of 8 hours every week on ASG related duties and tasks.
  •  A DELEGATES responsibilities are fewer than that of the other positions. It is required that delegates attend one of the four ASG meetings every month on Wednesday from 1-3pm. Participation in projects such as event planning, making banners, drafting resolutions, planning  forums & networking with important people on campus would be required. You would also have the opportunity to join ASG committees. A delegate spends a lesser amount of time every week on ASG related duties and tasks.

6) What’s in it for me?
Both positions provide you resume enhancement; schools and employers love to see leadership, student government, project management, and advocacy in your skills and extracurricular activities. You also meet many important legislators, politicians, field specialists and campus individuals (networking for future connections). Many of these individuals will be willing to give you a letter of recommendation at the end of your term or act as a reference.
If you are interested in a Senator or an Executive position you receive staff parking, access to the senators office which includes computers and printing, expense-free travel and executives are given a palomar.edu email account.

7) How do I join?
If you would like to be a senator or an executive officer you may pick up an election packet in SU-201. The packet is very simple: name, address, phone and student ID. Then you are required to get 50 signatures from Palomar students saying they would like you to be their representative. The election process and details are in the packet and are briefed below. Dates for the 2014-15 election are also provided below.

To apply for a delegate position you must email our PPER chair, Michael Dentoni at mdentoni@palomar.edu to be added to the agenda. You would be asked a few questions by the PPER committee and then your application would be forwarded to the ASG board where there would be an opportunity for you to speak for 3 minutes, the board members would have the chance to ask questions and then we would hold the vote to nominate and appoint you.

8) What is the election process?
A.S.G. ELECTION PACKETS AVAILABLE IN SU-201 FOR THE POSITION OF PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT & SENATOR.  The simple step-by-step election process may be viewed on our Candidate process page.

 9) What kind of skills and interests are needed in the ASG?
In the ASG there is a need for every kind of person and interest. Some of these include:  graphic design, web design, social networking, event planning, communications, economics, public relations, statistics, finances, volunteering, organization, political science, legislation and policy, research & data, current medical events and student health, student outreach, project management, business experience…

In short, the ASG elections are an opportunity for anyone looking for work experience or leadership experience.







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