What Is The Candidate Process?


1) STEP ONE: Pick up your ELECTION PACKET in SU-201 or email mgaspar@palomar.edu for questions.
•  Last day to pick up an election packet application is April 15th at 12:00pm.
Election Packets serve three purposes: (1) It provides you with all of the information you will need to begin your election and candidacy process. (2) You must fill out your basic information so we may verify your eligibility and remain in contact with you. (3) Your election packet contains an endorsement form where you are required to obtain the signatures of 50 (60 if running for an executive position) students at Palomar agreeing that they want you to represent them.  Turn in the 50 signatures with the application portion of your packet to Marilyn in SU-201 before April 17th, at 12am.

2) STEP TWO: Attend a CANDIDATES MEETING: Located in SU-204 (Required to attend at least one in order to be eligible to campaign on campus and attend election forums)
The candidate meetings are simply where you meet with the Election Committee (current members of the ASG) to discuss requirements, answer your questions and go over the process in detail. The dates are as follows: March 13th at 1pmMarch 24th at 10am, April 9th at 1pm and April 17th at 10am.

3) STEP THREE: ELECTION PACKET & LETTER OF LEADERSHIP:The election packet is due April 17th in SU-201, no later than 12:00pm. The verification of letter of leadership is due April 25 4:00pm. Your letter of leadership is a statement of the leadership experience you have had in the past. This may include but is not limited to club experience, High school student government, volunteer work,  playing on a sports team, speech and debate, etc. Include a reference for each piece of experience you provide.
(A reference includes the Individuals name & title, phone number, email, how long they have known you and your relationship to them.)
The verification is the responsibility of the election committee.

4) STEP FOUR: ELECTION FORUMS FOR CANDIDATES:  April 21st in the Student Union-Quad or in MD-157 (location will be announced no later than April 14th) at the San Marcos Campus starting at 11am.
Candidates are required to attend the forum where they will publicly announce their platforms and answer questions asked by the election committee, students and members of the public. It is a fun experience designed to let you share your ideas and platforms with your peers and for them to learn a little more about the ASG.

5) STEP FIVE: ELECTION MATERIALS TEARDOWN & CAMPAIGN EXPENDITURE FORM: Campaign material must be removed by April 24, 4:00pm. Campaign expenditure forms are due April 23 in SU-201 by 4:00pm. If you put up election materials they must come down by the stated date or the candidate is disqualified. The election committee will check the campus thoroughly to ensure all materials have been removed.

    VOTING will be held online at www.palomar.edu: April 27 – April 30
Election results will be posted soon afterwards

Voting is very simple and only takes 60 seconds. Go to Palomar’s website, click the link on the front page, enter your student ID and vote.  There will also be a polling booth in SU-104 on the San Marcos Campus intermittently throughout the week.
If you have questions about voting email mgaspar@palomar.edu

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