Meet Us

Get to know your student advocates and why they strive to serve you.

To connect with any of the ASG members on this page visit our contact us page. 

 President Jason Hosfield

hosfield forum


 Vice President Shant Soghomonian


Shant has been at Palomar College since summer 2013. He is majoring in environmental studies looking to transfer to Cal Poly SLO. Prior to this year he traveled around the US and other parts of the world working as a maintance technician for various government programs. His hobbies include riding and working on motorcyles, watching movies, and traveling.

 We currently have senator and delegate positions open! Join us!!!

2 thoughts on “Meet Us

  1. I met the President of the student government in a workshop that I presented at political economy days this fall. I am now in a student competition for Job Creation Generation and wanted to talk with her more about this. My phone number is 760-405-4236. Please get in touch with me. I have some fun opportunities for students who want to get involved.


    Lisa Vander

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