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ASG Motions and Action taken in 2013-14

WANT MORE INFO??? > For a complete list of each motion made and action taken, its progress, percentage of completion, date established, related minutes and other details check out our Motion-Action spreadsheet.

Completed tasks:

-ASG Spring 2013 retreat
-Participated in Fall 2013 events: Discover Palomar, Remembering September 11, Constitution Day, Club Rush, Comet Celebration, Halloween Escape, Health Fair, Homecoming, GRAD finals event.
-Participated in Spring 2014 events: Discover Palomar, African American History Event planning, Club Rush, Women’s History Month Event, Springfest, ASG Informational Forum, Political Economy Lecture Day table, more to come.
-Attended Palomar Foundation GALA
-ASG Fall 2014 Retreat
-ASG forums for outreach and awareness on March 26
-Funding and advertisement for STOMP UCLA Tour in conjunction with transfer center

- Retroactive completion of 2012-13 meeting minutes
-Establishment of new and improved ASG minute & agenda templates
-Completion and ongoing update of ASG motion/action chart
-Shared Governance Binders Completed: Governing Board, Strategic Planning Council, Faculty Senate
-Organization of file cabinet in Executive office
-Assimilation of all agendas/minutes/exhibits for 2013-14 year including primary binder. Digital copies also kept on thumb drive.

-Upkeep of ASG board in student union
-Reconstitution of GRAD program- in progress
-Philippines relief fundraiser
-New website created
-Design, fund and install window graphics on SU-102 & 104 office windows
-Fund and order 12 large vinyl banners advertising, recruitment, start of semester participation and elections (expected lifespan of 5-6 years)- in progress
-Funding, sign ups and advertisement for STOMP UCLA Tour in conjunction with transfer center
-Install water bottle refilling stations in student union- in progress
-Install second ASG board in student union (to increase exposure)- in progress

-Participation in various Shared Governance committees & councils
-Request SPPF Funds (aprox. $24,000)- request granted!
-Contributed to Accreditation Standard IIB
-Completed Questionnaire for institutional self-evalution for Accreditation Standard IV.A
- ASG Presence at TLC opening- Executive speech
-ASG presence at Escondido opening- Executive speech

-Networking with SSCCC
-CCCSAA Fall Legislative conference leadership training
-SSCCC Fall General Assembly advocacy and voting on resolutions
-ASG Advocacy in Washington DC
-Trustee advocacy in Sacramento for CCLC conference

-Stance on PFF Resolution regarding student censure
-Stance in favor of the Financial Aid Dept’s transition to third party vending
-Student polling on electronic cigarettes in progress
-Student polling on proposed parking fee increase in progress
-(polling results to be released and will determine ASG stance)


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