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This page contains links to articles on how to perform various computer tasks.  Screen videos linked from this page require the flash player.  Much of our training material has been moved into Blackboard (see below).

Academic Technology Training Materials

  • All faculty members and staff are pre-enrolled in a Blackboard course titled "Academic Technology Training".  Once you login to Blackboard you will find it in the My Courses area under "Courses in which you are enrolled".  You will find many Academic Technology training materials within this course, including several self-paced online courses which can be taken for PD credit.  Login to Blackboard with your Palomar username (the name to the left of the @ sign in your email address) and your Palomar email password.  Click here to access Blackboard.



Elluminate eConferencing Tools

Google Tools

Flip Video Cameras


General Multimedia


Journal Databases

Learning Objects

Office 2010

If you are new to Office 2010, we have developed a set of orientation materials into an online course on our Blackboard Sandbox.  To self-enroll, login to the Sandbox, enter the Academic Technology Training course, click on the "Enroll in Workshops" course link, and then click the enroll button for "What's New in Office 2010" link.



Outlook 2010


PowerPoint 2010

General PowerPoint

Word 2010

Office 2011 for Mac


Safe Assignment




Wimba Voice Tools

Windows 7

  • Keyboard shortcuts using the Windows key: Part 1  |  Part 2

  • How do I control my mouse? - Demonstrates how to speed up, slow down, change shape/color/size, and control other characteristics of a mouse attached to a Windows computer.

  • Note:  There is an extensive set of screen videos on how-to perform Windows 7 tasks in the Academic Technology Blackboard Training Course.  Login to the Blackboard Sandbox, click on the Academic Technology Training link in the "Courses in which you are enrolled" area; click on the Self-Enrollment button in the Windows 7 course.


Web Authoring

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