Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 

This page contains links to our series on how to use Wimdows Live Movie Maker 2011.  Each brief screencast has a corresponding PDF document to add more detail to the material about each lesson.  Download Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 from the Windows Live Essentials web site.

We have created a brief overview/guide to Movie Maker in PDF format.  Palomar faculty and staff members can access the Movie Maker workshop materials on our Sandbox site.  Just login and enter the Academic Technology Training course to find the workshop.  Self-enroll and enjoy the materials.


Windows Live Movie Maker

  Subject Screencast PDF
1 How to download/install Windows Live Movie Maker 2011   (5:04)
2 Webcam to YouTube Demo (1:10)
3 What kinds of file types are supported by Movie Maker?
4 Windows Live Movie Maker: Pin to Start menu (2:58)
5 The User Interface (8:19)
6 Project Organization (10:45)
7 Editing Video (8:49)
8 Video Aspect Ratio (5:57)
9 Using Digital Photos (and photo aspect ratio) (7:21)
10 Transitions (5:25)
11 Pan & Zoom Effects (5:31)
12 Visual Effects (7:00)
13 Titles, Captions and Credits (7:09)
14 Background Music and Audio (7:35)
15 Publish/Save Your Movie (6:12)
16 Burn a DVD

If you need assistance in setting up or using Windows Live Movie Maker, do not hesitate to request technical support from Academic Technology.  There are three ways to get support:

1) Submit a Help Ticket
2) Email, or
3) Call (760) 744-1150 ext. 2862

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