Parallel Universe is our opening exhibition inspired by four artists and their independent explorations of alternate planes of existence.  

John Hogan and Matthew Bradley’s work will explore the landscape of our physical universe and the mysteries that might lie beyond the known.  Matthew Bradley’s work playing with our fear, superstition and yearning to believe in conspiracy theories, the extra-terrestrial and fantastical while John Hogan’s work explores a post human Earth through redacted, inhospitable landscapes, causing us to examine our trajectory in the face of dire environmental concerns.  

David Fobes and Jennifer Ling Datchuk’s  work addresses this theme on a much more personal, individual level with David’s work reflecting on the experience of being born with an identical twin and the associated paranormal experiences, and Jennifer’s objects and photographs confronting issues of racial identity, through morphing visual signifiers to question assumptions about ethnicity and gender.  

Exhibition Dates:
August 31 - September 26, 2017

Opening Reception, Thursday, August 31 from 1-3pm and Saturday, September 2 from 3-5pm





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