“Art Is What You Frame…” 
A show of recently acquired artwork by Russell Baldwin
Co-curated by Ingram Ober & Ryan Bulis

The Boehm Gallery is proud to announce it’s upcoming show of recent acquisitions to the Palomar College Permanent Collection, from former faculty, gallery founder and director Russell Baldwin.  Works, consisting primarily of art from his 1981 and 2003 exhibitions titled, “Atrocities to Walls” MCASD La Jolla and “The Last Picture Show” Pacific Beach Taylor Library Gallery, respectively, will be exhibited in both rooms of the Boehm Gallery Starting on March 16th and running until April 18th.  Baldwin’s work creates provocative counterpoints between finely crafted objects presented in warm wood frames and fields of raw canvas that lure you in and text and assemblage materials that call into question concepts that seem as fresh and pertinent today as ever, including, electoral politics, race, consumerism, gun violence, etc. and art’s position in commenting on those issues, it’s position in the world and over the couch.  Please join us in celebrating the life and legacy of an incredibly witty, forward thinking and uncompromising artist, curator, and educator.  A special thanks to the family of Russell Baldwin, Sarah Tijerina, Joe Tijerina and Joyce Baldwin for the making this generous donation of work possible, and to Dave Hampton for his continued support of this work.  Palomar College is honored to become the new and permanent home and stewards if this culturally significant artwork, and look forward to its care and exhibition.   Please join us for opening receptions 1-3pm on March 16th and 2-5pm on March 18th.    




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