"The Maker's Eye"

The Maker’s Eye features works on loan from artist’s personal collections.

The homes of visual artists are often filled with artworks and interesting found materials, every surface a carefully considered display. The urge to collect appears to be deeply ingrained in makers of all types, making it easy to consider artists the most knowledgeable of collectors. They have a unique perspective that disregards monetary value and public praise. In addition, works are often acquired through trade, adding an extra layer of narrative and emotional weight. Both of these conditions result in significant, varied and delightful collections. The Maker’s Eye will present 1-3 artworks from each of the invited artist/collector’s personal collection to illuminate the aesthetic, influence and narrative that inspired each acquisition.


Jennifer Bennett, Ryan Bulis, Richard Burkett, Claudia Cano, Tara Centybear, John Chwekun, Nan Coffin, Stephen Curry, Marianela De La Hoz, Armando de la Torre, Wendy Wilson-Gibson, Joanne Hayakawa, Matt Hebert, Jones Von Jonestein, Richard Keely, John Oliver Lewis, Jessica McCambly, Bhavna Metah, Michelle Montjoy, Nikko Mueller, Anna OCain, Arzu Ozkal, Lee Puffer, Marisol Rendon, Jason Sherry, Aren Skalman, Eva Struble,


Exhibition Dates:

October 5 - November 1

Opening Reception, Thursday, October 5 from 1-3pm and Saturday, October 7 from 2-4pm

*Gallery Talk, Thursday, October 5 from 2-3pm







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