About Us

Our Mission
* To promote a safe and supportive environment for students of all sexual orientations, including those who haven’t identified.
* To educate the community about Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Queer , Intersex & Transgender issues.
* To embrace our diversity and help build greater understanding of the issues affecting our community.
* Advocate for LGBT Curriculum & Student Resources..

About the Club
The LGBTQ Alliance is a reflection of the diversity on campus and we pride ourselves of our unique blend of activism, acceptance and social interaction. We are a Safe Zone for people of all sexual identities & genders to talk openly and honestly. We value diversity of all types: age, gender, body, opinion, and of course sexual orientation.
The LGBTQ Alliance works extensively with the Palomar College Committee to Combat Hate (PC3H) and have partnered together to co-sponsor events, establish campus-wide Safe Zones, & to improve the academic environment and well being for students & staff by education, engagement & empowerment. We are always open to new ideas, and suggestions for improvement, so stop by, shoot us an email, or add us on Facebook,Tell us your story! Tell us your story!

The Alliance this year is active both on & off campus with a number of events scheduled or in the planning stages. Check out the Calendar, sign up for the Email Newsletter, follow us on Facebook , or of course- check the web page for up to date info! If you’re looking to volunteer and make a difference, we need you! Are there LGBTQ issues you want others to know about or be addressed? Tired of the lack of student space? Are you tired of homophobia on campus? Then Come participate make friends, empower yourself, & make a difference together.

The Alliance will host many events on and off campus throughout the year in addition to our regular meetings. Our events range from good old fashioned activism to fun, social events. Events this year have included: Halloween Escape, Coming Out Day, upcoming LGBT Movie Nights, and Health & Wellness Events.
Education of course the purpose of a college education is to become educated! By pushing for honest dialogue, educational resources, Safe learning environments, and advocating for more in-depth LGBT studies on campus, the Alliance intends to help make your college education more enriching and balanced.

Get Involved!
Come to a meeting. There’s a meeting every Tuesday at 4:30p in SU 204, upstairs from the cafeteria. Email us at Palomar.lgbtqa@gmail.com to signup for our Newsletter, or check the calendar, and of course the website to stay up to date!