Meet the Tutors

Jenna Anguiano

Hi everyone, my name is Jenna. Over the past four years, I have tutored students in various subjects; however, this will be my first year tutoring at Palomar College. I am excited to be working for Palomar's ESL program, and I am looking forward to helping you achieve your academic goals.

Eva David

Hi! I'm Eva, and I have been tutoring at Palomar since February 2010. I began in the San Marcos Writing Center and the Escondido TLC, then I had the pleasure of working at the ESL Tutoring Center. I love working with our students and watching their communication skills grow! I had to leave for a while during the spring 2013 semester because I also work as an "English as a Foreign Language" teacher at Kaplan International Centers in San Diego. I am happy to continue working at Palomar where my own education began to blossom. Hope to see you soon, and often!

Christl Dorsey

Hello, my name is Christl Dorsey. I learned English as my second language in my native Germany. Recommended by my teachers and superiors, I tutored English to students, colleagues, and friends for many years. Here in California I tutored reading and assisted my children with language learning. I enjoy helping people learn and look forward to working with you. I am here to help!

Tom Gutierrez
Thomas Gutierrez

Hello everyone, my name is Tom Gutierrez. I embarked on my journey as a tutor three summers ago, and I am proud to work for Palomar's outstanding ESL program. I look forward to assisting you with your ESL studies.

Diego Lecca
Diego Lecca


Hello everyone, my name is Diego Lecca, and I'll be happy to help you with whatever you need during your ESL class. Seven years ago I came to the United States from Peru, and started as an ESL student too, so I can relate to many of the questions you might have regarding reading, writing, and pronunciation in English.

Siegrid Rogers


Hi! I'm Siegrid Rogers. Some of you may remember me because I tutored at Palomar for two years! I took a semester off to travel to Mexico where I taught beginning English to 30 high school age students. It was challenging but very rewarding. It also reminded me just how hard it is to learn another language! Please come to the ESL Tutoring Center to see me - I really want to help you with your English and hopefully reconnect with those of you I've helped in the past.

Mike Michael Rouse


Welcome to Palomar! My name is Mike, and I will be your tutor in English as a second language. With a lot of experience in education and in the outside workforce, I can offer a good amount of support, both academically and toward your eventual career. Thank you for the opportunity to help you on your way to a bright future.

Barbara Young
Barbara Young


Hello. My name is Barbara Young. I have a Master of Education degree from Boston University and a Professional Certificate in TESOL from the UCSD Extension Program. I have had the wonderful opportunity to live and travel in Europe over a number of years; I know well what it can be like - both the fun as well as the struggle - to learn a new language and understand a different culture. What I thoroughly enjoy is guiding people on their way to speaking, understanding, reading and writing English. I am looking forward to working with you.

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