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How to Request an Embedded Tutor

ESL teachers in critical need of support can contact their ESL program coordinator to arrange for a tutor to assist them in their classes. The critical need is defined as having a good size class or having a concrete plan to boost student retention and success rates. The embedded tutor will work in your class at least once a week and can be more fully embedded in your class, budget permitting. For more information about embedded tutoring, call (760)744-1150 ext. 2273.

Connect with ESL Tutors: Send a quick e-mail to the tutors telling them what is going on in your class or how to help a student you're referring to them.

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Top Tips for Making the Most of Our ESL Tutors

Click here for a summary of top tips offered by participants at a spring 2011 roundtable. The tips cover both embedded tutoring and tutor referrals.

Assorted Files to Download

A Sample Tutoring Session

Click here to view a typical ESL tutoring session. ESL students will gain skills in collaboration with ESL tutors.

Tutor Recognition

Click here to recognize a tutor who has made outstanding contributions to student success.


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