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How to Request an Embedded Tutor

ESL teachers in critical need of support can contact their ESL program coordinator to arrange for a tutor to assist them in their classes. The critical need is defined as having a good size class or having a concrete plan to boost student rentetion and success rates. The embedded tutor will work in your class at least once a week and can be more fully embedded in your class, budget permitting. For more information about embedded tutoring, call (760)744-1150 ext. 2273.

Connect with ESL Tutors: Send a quick e-mail to the tutors telling them what is going on in your class or how to help a student you're referring to them.

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Top Tips for Making the Most of Our ESL Tutors

Click here for a summary of top tips offered by participants at a spring 2011 roundtable. The tips cover both embedded tutoring and tutor referrals.

What Is New in Spring 2014

Starting 2/8, the ESL Tutoring Center will have Saturday hours: 9:00 am to 12 noon.

Our first-ever newsletters: click here for the March issue and here for the April issue.

We will turn the ESL Computer Lab in A-19 into a "Study Hall" every Friday, and an ESL tutor will be on hand between 10 am and 3 pm to answer questions and offer homework assistance. Students don't need an appointment to use the "Study Hall." Click here for the Study Hall flyer.

Every other Friday, there will be an "English Leaners Friday" workshop, also in A-19. For a list of the topics, workshop times, and targeted levels, click here. Students should go into A-19 or A-13 to sign up for these workshops in advance.

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Tutor Recognition

Click here to recognize a tutor who has made outstanding contributions to student success.


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