Palomar Fashion Internship Program

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How does the Internship Program Work?

fashion class interactionThe Palomar College Internship Program provides qualified students with work experience in their field of study. Students enroll in the class “Cooperative Education 150 Internship” and earn college credit while learning valuable job skills. In today’s job market, internships are considered to be an important component of a college education.

How do internships benefit the students and employers?

Internships enable students to learn relevant job skills while exploring their majors in the Job Market. Students also make professional contacts, which may result in job leads, recommendations, and/ or permanent employment. Paid and unpaid internships are available.

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Employers gain qualified, enthusiastic interns who are screened by faculty advisors to ensure an appropriate match. Although unpaid internships are a possibility, employers are encouraged to provide paid internships. An intern works a minimum of 60 hours (non paid) or 75 hours (paid) per each unit enrolled during a semester (16 weeks).

How is the Internship Program organized?

The program has four interrelated components:

1. The intern is a motivated student who has successfully completed one or more college courses in the area of Fashion.

2. The Faculty Advisor is a knowledgeable faculty member who functions as a liaison between the intern and the employers’ site supervisor. The faculty advisor helps the student determine if he/she is prepared academically for a specific internship.

3. The site supervisor is the mentor at the work site who helps the intern establish realistic learning objectives. The site supervisor and the intern periodically discuss the intern’s progress.

4. The Internship Coordinator oversees all aspects of the Internship Program. The coordinator works to ensure successful internships by facilitating productive relationships within the college and between the college and employers. The internship coordinator and the faculty advisor work with employers to explore and establish new internship opportunities.

Participation is Simple!

CE 150 Internship Review the Fashion Industry Partners links. These companies are local companies that are aware of the Palomar Fashion Program and may have a internship opportunity. Each prospective fashion intern calls and identifies himself/ herself as a Palomar College student who would like to apply for a internship. If the company has internships opportunities available they will set an interview time with the prospective fashion intern.

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The employer interviews the prospective intern and both parties then decide whether or not to move forward with the internship.Once an internship has been lined up, Students should enroll in CE 150 Internship for two or more units and attend the orientation meetings. Visit the cooperative education web page, http://www.palomar.edu/cooped , for more information on orientations and how the Program works. (Enroll at the beginning of any semester or during the late start enrollment periods.) Prospective interns and employers complete an internship application. To do so, contact kbalouch@palomar.edu.

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