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The GC Department Faculty

Palomar College Tel: 760-744-1150
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Full-time Faculty
Mark J. Bealo ext. 2958
Lillian Payn ext. 3078
Wade Rollins ext. 2696
Grace Fowler ext. 3083
Part-time Faculty
Robert Barry
Catherine P. Modica
Kelly Beddome Helming
Chris Nelsen
Neil Bruington
Dameon Rollins
Jason Crawford
Tom Royal
Zak Ruvalcaba
Chris Sheets
Mitesh Solanki
Gregg Kelley
Liz LaBlond
Michael Zinniger
Meei-chun Gau ext. 2452

Faculty Resources

For assistance, please contact: Meei-chun Gau mgau@palomar.edu (760) 744-1150 Ext.2452


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