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E-Commerce Design
Certificate of Proficiency

Provides students with a basis for understanding and participating in the design and production of e-business and e-commerce. Specific skills for the E-Commerce Design certificate include Web production, site accessibility, shopping carts, site and data management, security, privacy, and commercial site promotion. Teamwork, problem solving, production process, communication and creativity are core competencies. Upon completion of the certificate, the student may find a job as a graphic designer, Web author, or graphical user interface designer.

Program Requirements
BUS 157 E-Commerce 3
GCIP/GCMW 190 Copyright for Graphic Designers & Web Developers 1
GCIP/GCMW 191 Contracts for Graphic Designers & Web Developers 1
GCMW 232 Web Accessibility Design 1
GCMW 202 Web Page Layout II 3
GCMW 216 Web Data Base Design I 3
GCMW 220 Designing for Web Standards 3
GCMW 217 Online Store Design 3

Total units 13

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