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Graphic Communications Emphasis in Production
A.S. Degree Major or Certificate of Achievement

The image reproduction and design technology publishing industry--which encompasses
computer-based document layout, composition, typography, illustration, image editing, digital imaging and distribution--has revolutionized the field of visual communications. There will be major growth in this field in the future. Employment opportunities will be with corporate digital publishers, advertising agencies, direct mail distributors, magazine and newspaper publishers, freelance publications, packaging printers and other still growing segments of the industry.

Prepares students to pursue employment focused on production in the image reproduction and design technology industry including both traditional printing processes and non-print digital imaging processes.

The 24 units of Program Requirements are the same for Graphic Communications: Emphasis in Digital Distribution, Emphasis in Management, and Emphasis in Production. Students may earn one or more of these by completing the Program Requirements, Emphasis Requirements and Electives listed for each program.

Program Requirements (24 units)
GCIP 103 Acrobat for Print 4
GCIP 105 Design for Print Production 4
GCIP 141 Digital Imaging/Photoshop II 4
GCIP 149 Page Layout and Design I 4
GCIP 152 Digital Publishing/Illustrator I 4
GCIP 260 Portfolio Development and Presentation 4
Emphasis Requirements (9 units)
GCIP 180 Digital Prepress and Press I 4
GCIP/GCMW 190 Copyright for Graphic Designers & Web Developers 1
GCIP255 Electronic Package Design 4
Total units 33

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