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Interactive Web Multimedia and Audio
A.A. Degree Major or Certificate of Achievement

This program is directed at interactive methods of Web production that include creation of audio for the Internet. Students will learn techniques and software to create animated and interactive Web sites and audio production for the Internet.

Program Requirements
GCMW 101 Multimedia I 4
GCMW 102 Web Page Layout I 4
GCMW 108 Web Motion Graphics I 4
GCMW 123 Audio for the Internet 4
GCMW 140 Web Graphics 4
GCMW 203 Web Multimedia 4
GCMW 208 Web Motion Graphics II 4
GCMW 229 Interactive Streaming Media 4
Electives (Select 1 course)
GCIP 140 Digital Imaging/Photoshop I 4
GCIP 141 Digital Imaging/Photoshop II 4
GCIP 240 Digital Imaging/Photoshop III 4
GCMW 100 History of Multimedia 3
GCMW 104 Motion and Sound 4
GCMW 165 Digital Video Design 4
GCMW 202 Web Page Layout II 4
GCMW 204 Motion Graphics for Multimedia 4
GCMW 205 Digital Video for Multimedia 4
GCMW 220 Designing for Web Standards 4
GCMW 221 Best Practices for Web Design 4
GCMW 236 Flash Game Design 4
MUS 180 Computer Music I 3
RTV 230 Digital Audio with Pro Tools 3

Total units 35.00 - 36.00

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