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Internet-Emphasis in Graphic Communication
A.S. Degree Major or Certificate of Achievement

As the vast web of global and local information networks grow, several skills and forms of literacy are becoming essential for anyone who wants to obtain the full benefits of the Communications Age. An individual's ability to capitalize on the opportunities offered by interactive communications requires mastery of these information and communication proveniences:

· Navigational skills - The ability to move smoothly among arrays of autonomous and globally interconnected information, contacts, forums, and discussion groups in order to locate and connect to information and expertise from relevant sources.

· Information literacy - An understanding of which information is most useful, relevant, and reliable, as well as the ability to analyze, distill, integrate, compose, and classify information to create knowledge.

· Distribution skills - Frameworks for rethinking methods of packaging, presenting, providing access, and disseminating information and knowledge in this new medium.

· Commmunications literacy - Integrating new forms of information, knowledge, and message development into evolving patterns of organizational and interpersonal communication.

This certificate offers preparation skills for the above areas of emphasis involving the Internet.

Program Requirements
BUS 157 E-Commerce 3
CSWB 110 Web Site Development with HTML5/CSS3 3
GCMW 102 Web Page Layout I 3
GCMW 120 Designing for the Social Web 3
GCMW 140 Web Graphics 3
GCMW 202 Web Page Layout II 3
GCMW 217 Online Store Design 3
GCMW 220 Designing for Web Standards 3
GCMW 229 Content Publishing for Mobile, Web and Apps 3

Total units 21

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