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Certificates of Proficiency

**Note: For courses required to earn a degree or a certificate, please check a current Palomar College Catalog which is available for sale in the college bookstore, or view online at www.palomar.edu/catalog

Certificates of Proficiency are designed to certify basic workplace competencies and job readiness for students who are entering the workforce.

Graphic Communications - Imaging & Publishing (GCIP)
Digital Prepress Operator 6 Units
Prepares students to pursue entry-level employment in the printing industry in prepress, press, and finishing processes.
Electronic Publisher 12 Units
Electronic publishing encompasses computer-based document layout, composition, typography, illustration, scanning, image modification, as well as reproduction and distribution. It has revolutionized print communications. There will be a major growth in this field in the future.
Employment opportunities will be with commercial printers, corporate electronic publishers, small print shops, service bureaus, direct mail companies, magazine publishers, advertising, typographers and compositors, freelance publications, newspaper publishers, marketing and ad agencies, and in-plant printers.
Screen Printer 9 Units
Recent advances in technology have allowed screen printing to compete on a large scale with other printing processes. Productive, challenging careers are growing in the screen printing field at a steady rate. Palomar’s screen printing process classes prepare students for duties in project planning, copy preparation, camera operation, screen preparation, electronic prepress, stencil making, screen printing, and sales.
Graphic Communications - Multimedia & Web (GCMW)

Digital Animation, Compositing, and Music 13-15 Units
This program is directed at the digital design and implementation of 3D animations, graphic compositing, and music.
Digital Media 15 Units
Digital Media encompasses digital video editing in both analog and digital media. This certificate prepares students for employment in the film, video, Internet, and television industries. Major growth in this industry is anticipated as Internet and television merge into one medium.
E-Commerce Design 13 Units
Provides students with a basis for understanding and participating in the design and production of e-business and e-commerce. Specific skills for the E-Commerce Design certificate include Web production, site accessibility, shopping carts, site and data management, security, privacy, and commercial site promotion. Teamwork, problem solving, production process, communication and creativity are core competencies. Upon completion of the certificate, the student may find a job as a graphic designer, Web author, or graphical user interface designer.
Web Data Base Design 12 Units
The Web site developer must present the complexity and volume of information so that the site’s visitor may make decisions quickly and accurately. Data-driven dynamic pages are also interactive, allowing the visitor to choose the information that they would like to see. The increasingly sophisticated site development for online stores and multimedia, for example, requires a range of diverse and multifaceted skills from database design, computer graphics, Web design, site design and architecture, graphical user interface design, to cross-platform competence. The World Wide Web, as a graphical user interface, offers new career opportunities to graphic designers who have the skills to maintain sites that contain large amounts of data that changes frequently. The ability to package, share, and manage data to consumers across the Internet is in high demand. The Web Data Base Design certificate prepares for employment in dynamic business environments that need large-scale as well as smaller sites.

Note: For courses required to earn a degree or a certificate, please check a current Palomar College Catalog which is available for sale in the college bookstore, or view online at www.palomar.edu/catalog.

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