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Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment
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POD Goals and Progress Report

In order to stay on course for meeting ACCJC SLOAC proficiency standards by 2012, we need to enter the following data into the POD (Palomar Outcomes Database) by the end of this semester:


  • At least one SLO with an assessment plan for 100% of courses
  • Assessment results summary for at least one SLO for 40% of courses
  • Map courses to program SLOs if program SLOs are available in the POD
  • Map 100% of course SLOs to GE/ILOs


  • Program SLOs with assessment plans for 50% of Programs (A program is defined as any series of courses leading to a certificate or degree)
  • Assessment results summary for at least one Program SLO for 25% of Programs

How are We Doing So Far?

POD Course Report

POD Course Report

Need Help?

Faculty mentors are available to assist with entering SLOAC data into the Outcomes Database, developing course and program SLOs, and planning for assessment. They can also answer faculty questions regarding Palomar SLOAC policies and procedures. If you need assistance, please contact the POD Squad for your division or discipline.

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SLOAC Workshops

 SLOAC workshops will resume in Fall 2012.


Contact Information

Wendy Nelson
(760) 744-1150 ext. 2451

Katy French
(760) 744-1150 ext. 3640

SLOAC Office

The SLOAC Office is closed during Summer 2012.


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