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Writing Course SLOs

Palomar College Course SLOs by Discipline, last updated July 2011


Defining and writing course level SLOs
This document provides a step-by-step process to the development of SLOs. Included are worksheets, a "quiz", and a checklist to assist in the writing process.

The Language of SLOs
Construct the SLO in a way that is clear what the student must do to demonstrate the targeted skill, knowledge, value, or attitude. Included here is a list of verbs and information on Bloom's Taxonomy.

Assessing SLOs
When writing a student learning outcome, include an assessment plan and timeline. Examine some assessment tools and rubrics here. Remember that qualitative data can be collected as well as quantitative data.

      Worksheets, Examples, and Models

Examples of course SLOs

      SLO & Assessment Planning Worksheets

Getting Started: Use this planning sheet to gather all pertinent
   information for writing a course SLO.


Palomar College Counseling SLOs

Glossary of Terms
Drafted by the State Academic Senate. Use this glossary to clarify outcome and assessment terminology.

Palomar College Library Research Guide for Learning Outcomes & Assessment

A Faculty Guide to Writing Student Learning Outcomes
This presentation gives background information on getting started with Student Learning Outcomes.

How to Write SLOs
Watch this video-taped presentation on the process of writing Student Learning Outcomes.

SLO Checklist
Use this checklist either after writing SLOs or as a prompt while you are working on them.

SLO Quiz
Check your understanding of course goals, objectives, and SLOs here!

Bloom's Taxonomy
Refer to this useful list of verbs that demonstrate hierarchical learning.

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