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Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment
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Writing Program SLOs

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes articulate what culminating knowledge, skills, abilities, or attitudes a student has gained as a result of successfully completing all of the courses in a program. All programs leading to a certificate or degree need to have learning outcomes defined and assessed. Assessment results are used as evidence to make any necessary changes to improve student learning.

Writing Program Level SLOs
This is an introduction to what program SLOs are and how they relate to course and GE/Institutional SLOs.

Program Mission Statement
A mission statement describes the purpose and goals of the program.

Program SLO Worksheet
Use this handy planning sheet to get you started.

Curriculum Planning Map
What is a "planning map"? Find out here!

Program Assessment Tools
This document explains different kinds of assessment tools that are typically used in assessing programs.

Glossary of Terms
Drafted by the State Academic Senate. Use this glossary to clarify outcome and assessment terminology.

Palomar College Library Research Guide for Learning Outcomes and Assessment

Bloom's Taxonomy
Refer to this useful list of verbs that demonstrate hierarchical learning.

Have Some Questions? Click here for some answers.

WASC Program SLO Criteria
How does our accrediting agency, WASC, evaluate SLOs at the program level? Find out here.

Sample Program SLOs

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