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Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment
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SLOAC Planning & Development

Accreditation standards require that the college define and articulate outcomes for courses, programs, the institutional, and service areas. In order for us to meet proficiency level by 2012, we must demonstrate that we have also assessed the outcomes and that we are using the analyses of those results as a basis for planning and changes that will improve student learning.

Learning Outcomes and their assessment plans should be designed in such a way that they will provide us with useful information. The Student Learning Outcome Cycle is constructed so that we can gain valuable, ongoing information about our institution. This continuous self-examination and assessment will lead to opportunities for systematic and organized improvements for our students.

Course SLOs

Click on this link to find general information on designing SLOs, templates, and workshop resources.

Programs SLOs

How are program SLOs designed and assessed? Click on the link above for worksheets, assessment tools and more.

GE/Institutional Outcomes

What skills, knowledge, and attitudes do we expect students to have when they graduate from Palomar College? Click on the link above to see the outcomes recommended by the Learning Outcomes Council. You can also find these at the PC SLO/Assessment Blog where you can join the current conversation on these outcomes.

Assessing SLOs

Click on this link for sample assessment plans and general information on assessment of SLOs.


Log onto Blackboard Sandbox for easy access to documents and resource information on SLOs. Use the same user name and password as for your PC e-mail. Click on Learning Outcomes under "Courses in which you are enrolled." All faculty and staff have access to the documents.

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SLOAC Workshops

 SLOAC workshops will resume in Fall 2012.


Contact Information

Wendy Nelson
(760) 744-1150 ext. 2451

Katy French
(760) 744-1150 ext. 3640

SLOAC Office

The SLOAC Office is closed during Summer 2012.


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