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Software on Reserve in the MLC
1) General Applications
Derive 5
Geometers’ Sketchpad
Maple 11
Math Type
Scientific Notebook
TI Connect
2) Math Instructors
  Anfinson -Interactive Calculus 3.0(Larson’s Calculus text)
  Clark -Calculus Concepts DVD
    -Digital Video Tutor for Elementary Statistics
  Mathews -Computer Tutor for Students; ATP and College Algebra
    -Brooks-Cole Elementary Algebra
    -Brooks-Cole Intermediate Algebra
    -Geometers’ Sketchpad
    -Math XL
  Metzger -Fathom
    -Geometers’ Sketchpad
  MKnappen -A Survey of Mathematics
  FTowfiq -Digital Video Tutor; Intermediate Algebra with Early Functions and Graphs
  ASquires -Intermediate Algebra 5.0
  KMifflin -Calculus with Applications Tutor 1 and 2 (Math 130)
3) MS Applications
  Excel and Word
  Video Tutors
4) Self-Taught Classes
  Digital Video Tutors for Math 15 (Bittinger), Math 50 (Martin-Gay) and
Math 60 (Martin-Gay)
5) Browsers
  Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
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