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Math Center Services/Tutoring
Important: Instructions for students who are not enrolled in a self-taught math class:

Students will need to enroll in N BASC 204 (Class #73788) prior to receiving tutoring in the Math Center.  For any other services, students do not need to register for N BASC 204.

This is a 0 unit, 0 credit course, so it will not affect a student's GPA nor will it cost them anything.  Students can enroll online through Palomar College student e-Services.
All students enrolled in a math class at Palomar College are eligible for free tutoring in the Math Center. Upon entering the Math Center, students should log in at the computers by the entrance by entering their Palomar ID number. When exiting students should log out the same way. For tutoring help students can either raise their hand or come to the Instructor or Tutor Counter. There are usually two tutors and one instructor on duty.
Student Resources
We have the following items available for check out and use in the Math Center:
  1. Scientific Calculators
  2. Graphing calculators
  3. Books on Reserve
  4. Some instructors may leave study guides, quizzes or exams keys at the Front Counter for checkout. Please check with your instructor.

Note: To check out calculators, books, study guides, quizzes or exams keys left by an Instructor, you must have a valid Photo ID.

Materials on Reserve in the Library, San Marcos Campus
  • Math 15 -Prealgebra by Aufmann, Barker, Lockwood, 3rd ed.: 10 Videotapes.
  • Math 60 -Intermediate Algebra by Martin-Gay, 3rd ed.: 21 Videotapes.
  • Math 100 -Survey of Mathematics by Allen, Angel and Porter: 9 CD’s & 8 Videotapes
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Math Center Services/ Tutoring
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