About Us

PACRA (Palomar College Retirees’ Association) was established in the fall of 1991 by an informal group of both classified and certificated retirees under the leadership of Mr. Howard Brubeck

From the very beginning it was recognized that the association was equally devoted to the interests of all groups of employees, thus it was decided that the position of president of the PACRA Board should alternate between a member of the certificated staff and classified (support) staff.

Officers serve a 2-year term, filling the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Immediate Past President. General Members consist of (1) regular members who pay dues and (2) contributing members, who pay considerably more than regular dues.

One of the chief functions of PACRA is to monitor the policies of Palomar College that relate to the maintenance of benefits for retired employees. We maintain social relationships among our members, and enjoy renewing acquaintances at our annual meeting held in May.

Objectives of PACRA

1. To implement communication between the college and retired college personnel in all matters of
mutual interest.
2. To communicate on behalf of retired college personnel with representative of government agencies
and other groups outside the college in matters affecting the health and welfare of retired
3. To coordinate the Association’s activities with the Palomar College Foundation.

4. To sponsor or facilitate social and recreational activities of interest to retired college

Programs and Activities
1. PACRA has been granted four seats on the Befefits Committee. Jean Ruff, Becky McCluskey and
Sandra Nanninga and Steve Spear currently represent us.
3. Attending Governing Board meetings when issues concerning retirees are being discussed.
4. Providing advocacy for retirees encountering problems or difficulties with Health Benefit
5. Sponsoring forums for Governing Board candidates
6. Sponsoring social events for PACRA members.

PACRA Scholarship
PACRA offers a $1000 scholarship each year to a qualified applicant. See PACRA Scholarship
for details.