Who We Are

As Active Learning Leaders (ALL), our mission is to encourage and support the use of active learning strategies and learner-centered teaching.

We are a multi-disciplinary group of On Course-trained faculty:

  • Cindy Anfinson, Mathematics
  • Lee Chen, ESL
  • April Cunningham, Library
  • Kelly Falcone, Kinesiology
  • Michael Gilkey, Business Administration
  • Jo Moore,
  • Michael Mufson, Preforming Arts
  • Patrick OBrien, Counseling
  • Dana O’Callaghan, Counseling
  • Candace Rose, Cinema
  • Chris Sinnott, Performing Arts
  • Al Trujillo, Earth Sciences
  • Solange Wasef, Nutrition

Interested in joining our team? If so, contact Kelly Falcone, kfalcone@palomar.edu

One for ALL and ALL for one!

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