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Important student information for course enrollment, Fall semeseter 2014

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Important student information below:


Priority Registration Information for Fall 2014



  • Only 30% of Palomar College students utilize their priority registration dates. Everyone at Palomar College has some sort of priority registration. Use your priority registration date for Fall 2014 to ensure your ideal class schedule. Check for your Fall 2014 enrollment date on your eServices “Welcome” tab beginning June 16th. Actual registration for Fall 2014 will begin July 2nd.
  • Tips to minimize registration / login problems:

1)     Make sure that any password issues have been resolved prior to your enrollment date and time. Contact the admissions office if you are having trouble accessing your online account.

2)     Make sure that all past due fees have been paid and any holds have been addressed to avoid delay in registration.

3)     The fall class schedule is available now online. You may begin planning your class schedule now so that you can enroll immediately on your date and time. Have a back-up plan in place in case your 1st choice class is full.



  • There will be a new priority enrollment system beginning Fall 2014, which rewards students who work toward their academic goals. New rules include:

o   Students in their final semester prior to graduation or transfer receive higher priority (1 time only) with a petition for early graduation submitted to the Evaluations Office or by meeting with a counselor in the Counseling Office.

o   Students may increase their priority by completing an assessment test and orientation and meeting with a counselor for an educational plan.

o   Students with over 90 degree applicable units will drop in priority.

o   Students who do not maintain a 2.0 GPA or complete less than 50% of their coursework will drop in priority.

o   Students may appeal with the admissions office for a reinstatement of priority registration with documented extenuating circumstances, or for those pursuing a high unit major.

  • Contact Palomar College Admissions for details (760) 744-1150 x 2164.
  • Don’t be late, register on your date!


Courses for Fall Semester 2014

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Here are some exciting new courses that still have active enrollment for the Fall semester 2014:

74191    AIS 146     American Indian Theatre, Dance and Music  A. Aquallo   TTH  8/18 – 12/17  11:00am – 12:20pm   MD-131

74190     AIS 101     American Indian Frontier     J. Dixon   TTH    FT I   8/18-10/09     5:30- 8:20 pm      ESC-804

70008     AIS 100     Introduction to American Indians     F. Howe  W    8/18-12/17      6:00-8:30 pm     MD-104

70703     AMS 100    American Culture and Identity     R. Alegre-Munin   MW  8/18- 12/17     11-12:20pm  MD-104

70952     AMS 200
70953     MCS 200
70526     SOC 200     Race,Class & Ethnic Groups in American         D. Ortiz        internet  8/18-12/17

For questions please contact the American Indian Studies Dept., xt. 2425


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