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New AIS 105 course with Dr. Dozier!

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Here is a course that is being offered in the AIS Dept.  It’s an exciting course for sure.  Please see the included information on the document itself.

Register today and share with others!


AIS 105 – 34371

American Indian Art History

Hybrid Late Start

March 5 – May 7, 2014

Meets M & W from 11am – 12:20pm (MD 131) and online.

AIS 105 ad (SP 2014)

AIS 165 open for enrollment

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Need some Social and Behavioral Science credits?

Or just a fun class to round out your semester?

 Then you might be interested in

 AIS 165 – Native American Women (33744)

3 Units – Instructor Alegre Munin

We will look at history, society, gender norms, and so much more.

This is a HYBRID class!

Face to face (Only 1 class meeting a week: Wednesdays 2-3:50) and on Blackboard.

Short term class – Starts: February 5th and the class is over by April 30th

Courses still available in AIS Spring 2014!

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Here are some exciting courses that still have enrollment for the Spring 2014 semester.  Please contact the listed professor or the American Indian Studies Dept. for further information.

33744  AIS 165       LEC     WED                2:00 3:50P           Alegre Munin, Riley     MD-104                  02/05/14 – 04/30/14         3.0 Units


34208 AIS 101            LEC  WED                         5:30 – 8:20pm

Juanita Dixon, Temet Aguilar  ESC-502 (Escondido)

1/13/14 – 5/19/14   3.0 Units

Available courses for Spring 2014!

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Here are some exciting courses that still have enrollment for the Spring 2014 semester.  Please contact the listed professor or the American Indian Studies Dept. for further information.

33581    AIS 100     LEC      THU              12:30 3:20P         Dozier, Deborah          MD-131                 01/13/14 – 05/19/14           3.0

30835   AIS 105     LEC       MW                 12:30 1:50P         Dozier, Deborah           MD-131                   01/13/14 – 05/19/14           3.0

34003  AIS 105       LEC      MW                11:00 12:20P       Dozier, Deborah           MD-131                    01/13/14 – 05/19/14            3.0

33744  AIS 165       LEC     WED                2:00 3:50P           Alegre Munin, Riley     MD-104                  02/05/14 – 04/30/14         3.0  (team taught with Patricia Dixon)

34207 AMS 100     LEC 02 THU               6:00 8:50P            Unstaffed                     MD-131                     01/13/14 – 05/19/14         3.0

31360 AMS 200      LEC  TUE                   12:30 – 3:20pm      Franco, Evangelina R

MD – 131                01/13/15 – 05/19/14              3.0

31361  MCS 200       LEC  TUE                  12:30 – 3:20pm       Franco, Evangelina R
MD-131                       01/13/14 – 05/19/14           3.0

31363  SOC 200         LEC  TUE                 12:30 – 3:20pm       Franco, Evangelina R
MD-131                        01/13/14 – 05/19/14             3.0

AIS Dept. California Indian Day Celebration, 2013!

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Palomar College
2013 California Indian Day Celebration
September 26, 2013, Thursday
12:30 -2 pm in Room MD – 157
2 pm Patio Area outside MD-157
Sponsored by American Indian Studies / American Studies & NASA
For more information call 760-744-1150, ext. 2425



Available courses in AIS/AS, Fall 2013!

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Here are a few courses that still have open enrollment within the American Indian Studies Dept.

AIS 100, Introduction to American Indian Studies,  #70698, full semester, internet with D. Dozier

AIS 100, Introduction to American Indian Studies, #70008, full semester, face-to-face on Wednesday evenings at 6-8:50 p.m. with Flora Howe

AIS 101, American Indian Frontier, #74064, full semester, face-to-face on Fridays at 9:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m. with Temet Aguilar

AIS 125, American Indians Today, #71303, TW2 (9/16-12/10), internet with Linda Locklear

AIS 135, California Indian Arts, #73479, full semester, MW at 11-12:20, with D. Dozer

AMS/MCS/SOC 200, Race, Class, and Ethnic Groups in America, #71687, 71688, 71689, full semester, Wednesdays at 2-4:50 p.m.  with Seth San Juan

Courses still open for Spring 2013!

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Here are a couple of exciting courses that are still open for the coming Spring 2013 semester in the American Indian Studies Dept.,

AIS 100 Intro to American Indian Studies #33872 on Wednesdays from 2-4:50 p.m. in MD-131.

AIS 105 History of Native American Arts #30005 on TTH from 11-12:30 in MD-131.

For further information please contact the AIS Dept. ( or xt. 2425).  Be sure to share this information with others!

American Indian Community Survey

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December, 2012

Dear Tribal Community Leaders,

We, at the American Indian Studies Department, are excited to share with you our tribal community survey, which we hope you will take a few minutes to complete. Your response(s) will be completely confidential and will not be analyzed on an individual basis. Enclosed is a hard copy for your individual use. This cannot be copied, unfortunately, due to the sensitivity of the machine that reads results at the college.

We are delivering surveys for you to share. Please consider including library patrons, parents, co-tribal employees, cultural committees, and any other interested community members.  If you have a public room or a library or children’s program, perhaps you could share survey forms in those places, along with a collection box and a note to encourage tribal members to complete the survey.

The survey is also accessible on-line with directions on how to open and submit the document. This is the link:

Collection of the hard copies and on-line forms will be around the first of the year, 2013.

Please contact the American Indian Studies Department (760-744-1150, ext. 2425) or Naida Garcia at the satellite center (760-742-1121) if you have any questions.


American Indian Studies/American Studies Department

AIS/AMS Open Classes – Enroll Now!

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Here are some courses that are still open through the AIS/AMS Dept.  For further information contact Mrs. Martha Collins (

Don’t wait, enroll today!

1.       AIS 102, #70772, American Indians and the U.S. Political System. Temet Aguilar, instructor. This is a hybrid class that meets on Mondays from 9:30-10:50 a.m. in MD-131. The rest of the class is online. Learn how American Indians fit into the American legal system! Learn about the third form of government in the U.S.! Learn about Indian sovereignty, gaming, and land issues!

2.       AIS 100, #70008, Introduction to American Indian Studies. Flora Howe, instructor. Meets Wednesday evenings from 6-8:50 p.m. in MD-104. What is an American Indian? Where did Indians come from? How are they different? Learn about America’s first people.

3.       AMS/MCS/SOC 200, #73689, #73690, #73691, Race, Class, and Ethnic Groups in America. Rachel Jacob-Almeida, instructor. Meets Wednesdays from 2-4:50 p.m. in MD-131. Learn about American diversity and how it influences politics, economics, and racial issues!

Karuk Youth Leadership Council, 2012

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Greetings all,

Here is an exciting summer opportunity that could certainly inspire some Native students!  Please read and share with others.

Prof. Lechusza Aquallo

Ayukîi, Greetings,
The Karuk Youth Leadership Council (Skyler McNeal, Krista Reynolds, Summer Goodwin, Sinéad Talley, Geena Talley, Jared Wilder, David Burlew, and Jolie Super) has been invited to Washington D.C. from May 31st to June 2nd to visit the White House and attend a function related to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move! In Indian Country ” program; in part because an article by Maymi Preston-Donahue about one of our activities, a 12-mile run from Independence to Happy Camp with Karuk Tribal Council member Crispen McAllister, was recently recognized by the Obama Native News Contest.   Maymi also nominated Crispen as a White House Let’s Move! Champion of Change.  Of course, we are all thrilled by this exciting news.
The Karuk Youth Council, Tribal Council, Diabetes program, TANF, TERO, and others have raised enough to pay for the airfare and hotels in Washington, D.C.  We are now trying to raise funds to cover food, ground transportation and a couple of hotel rooms in Medford for the Youth Leadership Council’s trip to the White House.  Any support you can provide will be greatly appreciated by us all.
This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and the youth are looking forward to the opportunity to positively represent our tribe in our nation’s capital.  No matter what you decide, thank you for your consideration.
And, don’t miss the bake sale/hamburgers/hot dog sale/snow cones/car wash this weekend at McLaughlin & Sons in Orleans!
Yoôtva, Thank you!
Bari G.M. Talley
Workforce Development Trainer
Library & Computer Center Coordinator
Karuk Panamnik Center
PO Box 426, 459 Asip Road
Orleans CA  95556
Phone:  530-627-3081
Fax:  530-627-3087


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