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Division: Social and Behavioral Sciences
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Palomar College
San Marcos, California

Palomar College at the Pauma Education Center

Palomar College offers a number of different classes at the Pauma Education Center located on the Pauma Indian Reservation.  Please check the current course catalog from Palomar College for a complete listing of classes.  More information about the Pauma Education Center can be obtained from the Pauma Education Center Specialist, Naida Garcia.

Director: Naida Garcia (Luiseño)
Phone: (760) 742-1121
Fax: (760) 742-4643

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Pauma Education Center
Fall 2011 Semester classes

Fall semester classes begin August 22, 2011
Enrollment begins July 5, 2011
Submit your application online to
or call 760 -744-1150


AIS 135 California Indian Arts
74014 (9-21/12-7) (3units) Wednesday Pauma 6:00-9:50pm
Note: Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC
Emphasis on the regional styles of California tribal arts with analysis of the social, religious, political, and cultural contributions. A combination of lectures, slides, individual projects, small group discussions, field trips, and guest artists.


AIS 101 American Indian Frontier from Colonialism through the Present
74016 (9-15/126) (3units) Tuesday Pauma 6:00-9:50pm
Note: This course plus AIS 102 meets the State requirement in American History and Institutions. Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC
The historical, economic, and cultural development of the American Indian in relation to European and American contact. Extensive use and analysis of historical sources from the colonial period through the present.


AIS 107A Elementary Luiseno 1A
71747 (9-15/12-8) (3 units) Internet Note: AIS 107 + AIS 107B correspond to one year of high school foreign language Note: Cross listed as FL 107A Transfer acceptability CSU; UC
This elementary level course is a study of the fundamentals of the Luiseno language, one of the four indigenous languages of San Diego County. This course will include a survey of Luiseno language phonology, morphology, syntax and grammar with special emphasis on culturally relevant terminology.



Palomar College Pauma Center
Directions to get to the Pauma Center from the Palomar, San Marcos Campus are:
1: Start out going East on W MISSION RD/ CR-S14 toward COMET CIR. 0.62 miles
2: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto KNOLL RD. 0.52 miles
3: Turn RIGHT onto W SAN MARCOS BLVD/ CR-S12 W. 0.17 miles
4: Turn LEFT to take the CA-78 E ramp toward ESCONDIDO. 0.09 miles
5: Stay straight to go onto ramp. 0.14 miles
6: Merge onto CA-78 E. 4.01 miles
7: Merge onto I-15 N toward RIVERSIDE. 15.03 miles
8: Take the CA-76 exit toward PALA/ OCEANSIDE. 0.47 miles
9: Turn RIGHT onto PALA RD/ CA-76. Continue to follow CA-76
10: Turn LEFT onto Pauma Reservation Rd. Continue 1 mile
11: Turn RIGHT at driveway just past Pauma Center sitting to your right.
12: Enter Parking lot to your right.,+CA&hl=en&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=37.188995,69.697266&z=15



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