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Palomar College at the Pauma Education Center

Palomar College offers a number of different classes at the Pauma Education Center located on the Pauma Indian Reservation.  Please check the current class schedule from Palomar College for a complete listing of classes.  More information about the Pauma Education Center can be obtained from the Department Chair, Professor Patricia Dixon.

Pauma Education Center
Pauma Reservation Road, Pauma Valley 92061

(760) 742-1121
Fax: (760) 742-4643

Directions from the Palomar San Marcos Campus:
1: Start out going East on W. MISSION RD/ CR-S14 toward COMET CIR. 0.62 miles

2: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto KNOLL RD. 0.52 miles
3: Turn RIGHT onto W SAN MARCOS BLVD/ CR-S12 W. 0.17 miles
4: Turn LEFT to take the CA-78 E ramp toward ESCONDIDO. 0.09 miles
5: Stay straight to go onto ramp. 0.14 miles
6: Merge onto CA-78 E. 4.01 miles
7: Merge onto I-15 N toward RIVERSIDE. 15.03 miles
8: Take the CA-76 exit toward PALA/ OCEANSIDE. 0.47 miles
9: Turn RIGHT onto PALA RD/ CA-76. Continue to follow CA-76
10: Turn LEFT onto Pauma Reservation Rd. Continue 1 mile
11: Turn RIGHT at driveway just past Pauma Center sitting to your right.
12: Enter Parking lot to your right.

Last modified on July 9, 2015

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