Welcome to Anthropology at Palomar College

“Kindness can become its own motive.  We are made kind by
being kind.”  – Eric Hoffer

Spring 2018 classes:

Anth 100 (Introduction to Biological Anthropology)
Tu/Th 9:35-11:00am in MD-124  #30174
Tu/Th 11:10-12:35pm in MD-124 #30175

Anth 135 (Magic, Witchcraft and Religion) 
Tu/Th 12:45-2:10pm in MD-221 #30199

If you are enrolled or interested in enrolling in my Anth 105 online classes please click on the link below for important information.

Anth 105 (Introduction to Cultural Anthropology) **Online class (sections #30192 and #30195).

Unfortunately, due to low enrollment, Anth 137 (Medical Anthropology: Culture, Illness and Healing) was canceled  in the fall. Please contact Dr. Jack Kahn to encourage him to offer the class in the fall again.  Or you can email me and I can let him know you would like the class to be offered.  Thank you. 


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