Athletics Recruitment Policy

  • Intercollegiate athletic participation is a privilege, not a right.
  • Receipt by a prospect or current student athlete of any athletically related subsidy, inducement, or special privilege (including compensation for tuition, books, room or board) is strictly prohibited by the Constitution and Bylaws of the California Community College Athletic Association.
  • Participation on any athletic team must be earned as based upon merit. Such merit qualifications are determined by the coaching staff and in compliance with the rules and regulations of the California Community College Athletic Association.
  • Coaches are considered expert in determination of qualifications and will either encourage or discourage prospects who have shown interest in the program, based on current positional needs, perceived athletic qualification, reported character issues and/or factual academic records.
  • In association with any prospect, it is made known the program is co-curricular and open for enrollment to qualified Palomar College students.
  • An open “try out” is illegal. Physical evaluation may only take place in a units-earning activity course, conducted prior to or in concert with the official season of sport.

Palomar Prospective Athlete Questionnaire