ATRC Podcasts Come to the Zune

We are proud to announce that ATRC (Academic Technology Resource Center) podcasts are now featured at  For a long time we have had a presence on iTunes, and at times have been featured there, but this is the first time we have been featured for the Zune.

Our current strategy is to develop audio materials throughout the course of a month, publishing contents in three separate blogs: Blackboard for Faculty, Teaching with Technology, and Tech Talk Topic.  At the end of each month we “roll up” content from these blogs into a monthly podcast (the one you will find on iTunes or at  The monthly podcast is accompanied also with a monthly ATRC Newsletter.

There are various simple ways to subscribe to our podcasts (ie, receive them automatically in iTunes, on your Zune, in Google reader, in your browser, etc.).  The simplest is to click the iTunes, Zune or Google Reader buttons on our home page.  If you use some other software to receive podcasts,simply paste our feed address into the subscription function box in your software:

If you are interested in receiving our older podcasts (we have published 110 of them) use the following subscription address:  This is the same address used by iTunes and,and will give you access to all 0ld and all ongoing podcasts.  The WordPress subscription address above will subscribe you to podcasts starting with Episode 110 on.

Here is our new Zune button.  Click away: link icon