FCC Plans Broadband for Everyone

We posted recently on an FCC report on those who have and have not adopted broadband access to the Internet:  who they are, how they can be classified, and what the plan is to ‘bring them onboard,’ as it were.  Because the Internet is so important to every aspect of every American’s life, “the Federal Communications Commission… is launching its much-anticipated National Broadband Plan next Tuesday, to lay out its strategy for connecting all Americans to fast, affordable high-speed Internet” (YouTube blog).  After the plan is announced, every American will have the opportunity to participate in questions to the FCC chairman, Julius Genachowski, via YouTube.  Questions to Chairman Genachowski can be submitted now at CitizenTube, in either video (preferred method) or text format.  Question categories are:

  • Access and Affordability
  • Mobile and Wireless
  • Security and Privacy
  • Digital Economy
  • Internet in Schools
  • Open Internet / Network Neutrality
  • Others (learn more at Broadband.gov)

The deadline for question submission is Sunday night March 14 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

In a recent Pew poll/report on “The Future of the Internet,” showed 33% of respondents (industry experts,more or less) expect the Internet to be at least in part controlled by intermediate entities by 2020,rather than the freely available, open Internet we now enjoy.  It is important to get the FCCs take on this and ask the significant questions about net neutrality and open access for all in an open society.

While you’re at the CitizenTube channel, remember to subscribe and follow this important plan/debate as it unfolds.