Blackboard Mobile Learn

On Monday of this week Blackboard released Blackboard Mobile Learn via a Mobile Web Services Building Block.  “…it enables your Blackboard Learn implementation to power mobile learning on a variety of devices at no cost – the Wi-Fi Apple® iPadTM (available now), iPhone® and iPod touch® via Wi-Fi  (June), and through a special partnership with Sprint, Android and BlackBerry® devices on the Sprint network as well (June).”  Watch this demo of Bb Mobile Learn on the iPad to get the idea (don’t worry about the gestures and windows management on the iPad):

Now very few of our students have, or will ever have, no doubt, an iPad, but many have iPhones and iPod Touches with WiFi enabled.  Others will have Blackberry’s via Sprint (available in June).  Therefore we will be taking steps to enable this technology as soon as we can.  First we must test it to be sure it doesn’t break anything in our implementation of Blackboard and related building blocks and then we hope to deploy it before the beginning of summer classes.  We will keep you all posted through this blog and elsewhere, but that’s where we are at present with the Blackboard Mobile technology.