Using Flip Videos – Part 2

Today I would like to round out our treatment of the Flip video camera, based on a workshop we delivered last week.  I have created three final screen videos to show how to handle files on the Flip camera, how to disconnect it, how to perform a very basic edit (trim a video) and then how to Export files from the FlipShare software to your hard drive, and load and edit them in Windows Live Movie Maker.  Rather than embedding the videos, I have placed a thumbnail of their first frame here.  Clicking it will take you to the Palomar College Academic Technology web site where you will be able to play the video.

Screen video 1:  How to save additional files from a Flip camera to your hard drive; how to rename files within the FlipShare software; and how to safely disconnect the camera from a Windows 7 computer (play time = 2:27).

Screen video 2:  How to perform a basic edit with the FlipShare software (play time = 1:47):

Screen video 3:  Basic video editing from the FlipShare software to Windows Live Movie Maker.  The basic functionality of Movie Maker is discussed (play time = 12:11).