Remove Office From Mac

The new Office 2011 for Mac (with (for the first time) Outlook included in the full (but not the student), version) was released last October 26, but I have just now got my hands on it.  Before installing, however, the problem of getting rid of the old version(s) of Office arises.  Just drag it to the trash?  Rather not.  When an official Remove tool exists, why not use it?  It has two strong advantages:

  1. The removal tool will find ALL previous versions of Office, not just 2008 while leaving 2004.
  2. The removal tool will guard you against deleting any of your own template files you may have stored in the applications folders.

So here’s how:

Open your Applications folder (I go into this folder so often I keep a shortcut on the dock).

Open the Microsoft Office Application folder.

Open the Additional Tools folder:

Open the Remove Office folder:

Run the Remove Office application:

It will take its time while searching for installed versions of Office, so just watch the horizontal barber’s pole until it’s done.  Then finally:

Did you imagine it would let you retain parts of Office and remove other parts?  Ha.

So, continue, and then:

If you stop and actually read this dialog, you will see that the Remove app moved any personal files you may have inadvertently stored in one of the Office system folders to a Rescued Items folder on the desktop.  This is actually the best motive for using the tool rather than dragging to the trash.  We both know that you are not going to go looking for your personal template files before removing.

Be sure that if you have any personal data files stored in the Office system folders–it could happen–to move them to somewhere safe before removing the folders.  Otherwise you will lose them.

Click Finish and then bravely empty the trash.  Before you empty the trash, though,you may want to inspect it to be sure you are not deleting any personal files,like Word docs, spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations.  Once the trash is emptied the files are pretty much gone for good.

OK.  All gone.