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Bb LogoSo OK.  I’ve now imported all the posts from Dave’s old “Blackboard for Faculty” blog which had been maintained at to the new one (this one).  Recall that we are consolidating all our departmental blogs into one.  We will still maintain less formal, personal blogs, but that’s another story.

The same goes for Dave’s blog as with Haydn’s, the one I imported yesterday.  The articles are now merged into the back catalog of this blog.  Since they may be a bit hard to find, I would like to draw attention to the more significant ones here.  They are certainly worth revisiting.  Dave’s blog tended to be more topical than Haydn’s since it is tied to our Blackboard implementation and that is, and always will be, a work in progress.  Today’s hot issues are tomorrow’s forgotten trivia.  It’s just the nature of the beast.  I have not drawn attention to Dave’s articles in the list of links below that were tied to system outages, new features which are no longer new, or any date-bound topical discussions.  Nevertheless, Dave has produced a number of  timeless articles, and here they are:

Stand by for more from Dave, and the rest of the crew in Academic Technology, in this blog.

2 thoughts on “Blackboard for Faculty Imported

  1. Terry, I was an adjunct professor for 20 years at PC and now working for PC Venture. I do international webinars with North Light (the number one art company) and want to set up something similiar with Venture… online courses. WebEX is expensive.

    Do you know an inexpensive alternative that would allow me to provide live courses with video PowerPoint and chat? Or even just PP and chat? I can post my videos on Vimeo for the students to review after the webinar.

    Here”s a link to the webinar I just did for North Light:

    Does PC have resources like this for us professors?

    1. Hi Sandra. Yes, we have Elluminate Live built in to our Blackboard system, and it is also alvailable to anyone in the CC system free through CCC Confer ( I would call their offices and speak to one of the reps, like Donna or Michelle, who are great, and find out whether it will work for what you want to do in your workshops. –Terry

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