How to Buy Office 2010 from the FCCC

Palomar College pays for the rights for its faculty to work at home with certain Microsoft products.  This is a benefit that is often under-appreciated.   When I give workshops on Office 2010 products, I mention that faculty members can get it though the FCCC (the Foundation for California Community Colleges) and walk them through the steps.  I often see people make notes, but then we move on to other things.  I’ve got a feeling that those notes get lost in the grand rush of things, because I am often asked by workshop attendees later—often much later—how to obtain Office 2010 for $45, our price for Office 2010 Professional Plus (no less).  It is a great product and this price is unbelievable.  I have purchased it myself and can testify how easy it is to order with credit card online.  Here is how to do it.

Just click the following link to get started:

Then click the “Yes, I qualify” link on the resulting page:

Then the “Go” link imder “Work at home…or anywhere (even though this page does not mention Office 2010, you will still find it with the other FCCC Microsoft offerings):

You will land on a page asking you to either login–if you have purchased from FCCC before and have an existing account–or create a new account.  Remember, you must be a Palomar faculty or staff members to qualify.

After login, you will land on the product page.  Scroll all the way to the bottom and choose “Office Professional Plus 2010”.

You can make a credit card purchase online, and you will receive a UPS tracking number.  When I ordered my copy, I was promised delivery in 3 business days.  There is no shipping charge, but there is CA state tax.

Students cannot get this same great price, but they can get a very good price (89.95 for the same product) from: