Windows Live Movie Maker: Transitions

The discussion of transitions can be short and sweet.  Transitions are those cool video effects that can be placed between photos or video clips within Movie Maker.  In older versions of Movie Maker you had a timeline and could drag clips or photos so that they would overlap on the timeline to create cross fades and other effects.  Things are much simpler now.  Simply click between photos or clips in the storyboard pane, go to the Animations tab, select the transition you want (there are 72 to choose from) and click it.  That’s all, unless you want to 1) change its duration; or, 2) apply it to all photos or clips in the project.

Transition Duration

To remove one or more transitions, select the slides to which they are applied (as represented by a translucent right triangle across the right side of the photo or clip in the storyboard) and click the None icon in the transitions gallery.  Apply to all if you want to remove all transitions in the project.

No Transition

Movie Maker treats photo or clip number 1 differently than the rest of the photos or clips in the project.  It expects a title slide in position 1, and only a few transitions are available on the title slide (5 in fact).  If you have a clip or photo that you want to apply one of the other effects to in position 1, simply insert a title slide in position 1.

Insert Title Slide

Just a word of warning, it is easy to get carried away with transitions, making them more prominent than they deserve to be and causing distractions in your video, rather than focusing your audience’s attention, so use them wisely.  For the home slide show, they’re great and part of the fun, but for academic purposes I would say that a conservative, sparing use is more appropriate.  Your mileage may vary.

Here is a quick screen video that summarizes the who process.