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evernote logoWe really like Evernote.   As an Internet-based note taking application, it has all the features you might want. We tried other note taking applications. First we tried Google Notebook, which was a fine product but was unceremoniously discontinued by Google for reasons probably having more to do with a failure to monetize the product than functionality. Then we tried Office 2010 OneNote. A fine product, but definitely NOT platform agnostic, as a good note taking program needs to be. Finally we tried Evernote, and that’s where we’re staying, at least for the time being. Evernote is platform agnostic, has a good Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad app, is integrated with Twitter, and does everything you want a note taking/research organization product to do for you.  We’re getting on board with Evernote.  That’s why you will see the little “Clip” elephant icon at the bottom of each of our blog posts.  It is your way to quickly, easily clip any post or page on our site that you wish to place in your Evernote notebook to a location called “Site Memory.”  When you see a post you want to keep for future reference, just clip it.

Here’s the clever/cute product demo video to get the broad idea:

What?  Don’t have an Evernote account?  It’s free and convenient, and will remain synced across all your platforms.  (Actually the free version allows for 60MB of uploads per month and a for-pay Pro version ($5/mo., $45/yr) allows for 1GB per month upload limit with the ability to keyword search within clipped PDFs).  Sign up for a free one and try it out.  The Getting Started Guide will tell you everything you need to know.  We are going to feature Evernote at Tech Camp this year, and think it has broad usefulness for both students and faculty members.

Before starting to use Evernote on a project, think through your tagging strategy.  Evernote really comes in to its own with effective tagging.  In addition to all the features you would need in a note taking program that can keep your searches across multiple platforms in order, Evernote has the coolest icon around.  Click the little “Clip” elephant below to save this post to your Site Memory notebook, and let us know what you think about Evernote.

2 thoughts on “EverNote Site Memory

  1. The ink was hardly dry on this one when Shay pointed out that the Clip elephant does not work in IE9. Instead you get a warning about possible cross site scripting (XSS) and IE refuses to go on. No such problems arise in the other browsers. A little investigation reveals that this can be fixed by disabling your XSS filter in IE 9. This article at the new Microsoft Answers site explains how:

    Of course turning this off creates a possible vulnerability in IE (see the disclaimer in the article referenced above). The real, better answer might be to use one of the other browsers. Firefox 4 or Chrome 12 work nicely.

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