Droid vs. iOS

I like infographics.  I subscribe to the feed for visual.ly, which brings me ten to thirty new infographics each day.  The site itself is a repository of more than 2000 infographics, and growing.  Good infrographics are strong on impact, good at simplification, and well documented.  I can’t say that many of the infographics at visual.ly are strong on documentation.  You need a high powered magnifier to read the tiny print in which the URLs are shown at the bottom of infographics.  And if you do figure out what they are, visiting those sites often does not inspire confidence and sometimes proves downright contradictory.  We’ll leave that to the stat teachers, and other proponents of critical thinking.  I mainly like infographics because they are so much fun.

Take the one below, for example.  It analyzes Android vs. iPhone users in terms of personality traits and preferences.

True?  Check the URLs.



2 thoughts on “Droid vs. iOS

  1. I LOVE great visual displays of information as well. This one is great–and interesting, too! We”ve been iOS folks, but a career change has mi esposo changing. However, I see he is really an iOS guy at heart.

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