Blackboard Training DVD

If you do not have time to attend our in-person training, or come in to meet with the Blackboard techs, you can still get excellent beginning Blackboard training by checking out a training DVD “Blackboard 9.x EssentiaBlackboard for Instructors Training DVDl Training for Instructors” from the library.

Academic Technology has placed 2 copies of the DVD for faculty/staff only checkout behind the circulation desk on the 2nd floor of the San Marcos campus library.  The DVD contains 6.5 hours of video instruction, produced in an easy-to-follow, screen video format.  Copies circulate for 1 week with a 1 week renewal.

Here is the course description:  “In this course, Dr. Patrick Crispen teaches the ins and outs of Blackboard 9 (versions 9.0 and 9.1) so that educators and trainers can get up-to-speed in the system quickly—even if they’ve never used Blackboard before. The course covers customizing a course site, managing users, and adding and organizing content, including multimedia. It also shows how to perform student assessments in the Grade Center, as well as how to communicate with students and encourage participation and collaboration. Exercise files are included in the course.”

To arrange PD credit, adjust your PD contract via the PD web site.

3 thoughts on “Blackboard Training DVD

  1. Hi Dennis. They are copyrighted distance ed material, so we do not have the right to copy them. We purchased DVDs so those who could not take the workshops we offer, and don”t find the already numerous online videos useful enough–I know they are a lot to take in–could take a pretty good 6.5 hour intro overview. I have gone through the course and like it. I should think, however, that after going through people would still want to contact one of the techs ( for assistance. –Terry

  2. I”m going through this material right now. (Gotta see how it stacks up to my own workshops, after all.) My first surprise is that this is not a DVD that can be dropped into a DVD player; this material must be played back on a computer. (Perhaps that”s just “normal” for all the training materials, but I wasn”t expecting it.) Likely I”ll have more comments later, but I am happy to note that the presenter, Patrick Crispen ( has a good narrative voice. That helps a good deal.

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