Windows Live Movie Maker: Titles, Captions & Credits

At last.  Time to get back to our series on Windows Live Movie Maker.  Today:  Titles, Captions & Credits.  In short, anything textual that you can add to a Movie Maker project.

Add any of these text objects from the Add group on the Home tab.  To add a title, be sure your insertion point is at the beginning of your project and click the Title command.

Add Group Home Tab

A title slide with (by default) black background will be added.  Its default duration will be 7 seconds, just like a photo added to Movie Maker.  Sample text will appear in a text container (My Movie).  Select the sample text and type your own title.  Note that you can change duration, background color, font, font effects, transparency, and apply a large number of title effects from the Text Tools tab once you have inserted a title.

Captioning works the same way.  Click the Caption command and type your text in the caption container.  The same sorts of textual edits and effects apply to captions as apply to titles.  Note that the background of the caption container is transparent.  It cannot be made opaque, unfortunately.  It is sometimes difficult to find a suitable color that will be visible as a transparent background caption.  Multiple captions can be added at various points throughout a video clip.

Credits are added by clicking the Credits command.  Credits by default will roll up the screen, but the effect can be changed.