New Semester, New Webinars

Now that the Spring 2012 semester is in progress, I’d like to draw attention to the series of webinars that we in Academic Technology are conducting this semester. Every Tuesday, at 2 PM (with the exception of during Spring Break), we will conduct an online session on one of a variety of topics. To see a list of upcoming topics, take a look at our ATRC Training Schedule. We are conducting these sessions using the Blackboard Collaborate tool (which is available for faculty to use with students through the Blackboard system), so if you are curious about using that tool you may want to participate in a webinar just to experience that.

I actually have already done one such webinar this term, which sadly had zero attendees. However, attended or not, we are committed to making these topics available for faculty, thus are recording each webinar session and making them available on a Webinar Archives page. If you cannot make it to a webinar you are interested in, please check the archives list to see the recorded session.

The first of these webinars, “Your New Semester Blackboard Checklist“, is available for review on the archives page already. The runtime is 16 minutes, so if you haven’t launched your course site yet, you may want to take a look at the recording before doing so.

Have a great semester, and if you run into any problems, remember that we’re here to help!