Blackboard Grade Center Woes?

Are you using Internet Explorer on a Palomar district computer to use the Blackboard Grade Center? Perhaps you have noticed that it isn’t working. That’s right, in the default district settings, Internet Explorer will not play well with the Grade Center in Blackboard.

The good news? This problem is specific to Internet Explorer, so the easiest solution is to use Chrome or Firefox instead. (These days I recommend that anyway, so if you haven’t switched… think about doing so now.)

The bad news? You’ll have to fix it on your computer, as the problem stems from a configuration of Internet Explorer put in place deliberately to make the IE browser work properly in the PeopleSoft/eServices system.

The long story? Well, if you’re the type to care about the technical details, the problem with Internet Explorer in the Grade Center only comes up if the IE 9 “Compatibility Mode” is enabled. Normally Compatibility Mode is useful to switch to if a web site is not working quite right… and indeed, if you just click the little torn page icon in the address bar you can easily switch back and forth between the two modes. (Blue “torn page” is on, the grey icon is off.)

Internet Explorer's Compatibility Mode icon

However, because of the needs of PeopleSoft, all the Palomar web sites have been put into the “Local intranet zone” in the Internet Explorer security options. As such, the little “torn page” icon does not appear in the address bar of the browser, and Compatibility Mode cannot be toggled. Thus, busted Grade Center.

All is not lost; to leave your browser registering all Palomar web sites in the “Local intranet zone” but not force Compatibility Mode on, you can change a setting on the Tools menu. If you don’t HAVE a Tools menu showing up… click somewhere on the screen in Internet Explorer, then press the Alt key on your keyboard. (You know, ALT, down near the space bar on your keyboard?) That should open up the menu bar in IE, and you can click on Tools. From there, click on “Compatibility View settings”, then clear the checkbox next to “Display intranet sites in Compatibility View”. Close that window, and with any luck your Grade Center should be working properly now.

Compatibilty View Settings

If you run into any problems making this change in your browser, just give a call down to the Information Services Helpdesk (at X2140), and they can assist you with the change.