Blackboard’s Visual Textbox Editor

The webinar I conducted recently on using Blackboard’s Visual Textbox Editor is up in the webinar archives list, just in case anyone is interested. Let me give a short list, for those who did not attend:

  1. The Visual Textbox Editor (VTBE) works across multiple browsers, but not on all devices (such as the iPad). Thus it’s useful to have a switch to turn it off in the upper right corner of the VTBE.
  2. There are a good set of font and paragraph controls (such as size, font, and header type) that I recommend against using under normal circumstances.
  3. The “normal” font controls, bold, italics, underline, all work as you’d expect, and even follow the same keyboard shortcuts as you’d expect from a word processor.
  4. The VTBE shows up for students as well, so it is possible to have your students post into the Discussion Board (or Blog, or Journal, or Wiki) using enhancements like the YouTube Mashup or Wimba Voice Authoring components along with their text.

You can watch the webinar archive from the Palomar video servers here, but you may also be interested in the following written guides about using the VTBE: